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2007-01-10 03:47:47 GMT


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 Release Date...: 01/09/2007
 Air Date.......: 01/08/2007
 Supplier.......: Elfin
 Ripper.........: NBS 
 Genre..........: Sci-Fi
 Running Time...: 43min 
 Format.........: XviD                                      
 Bitrate........: Yes
 Audio..........: MP3
 Size...........: 350MB


Thx Elfin, but is it possible your bt settings arent optimized for seeding? It seems like your client is seeding one piece at the time, rather than distributing a different peice to every peer (aka super-seeding).
can u plz tell me the name of this atlantis
does someboudy know what the name of this atlantis is?????? plz tell me as fast as possible...
and plz seed or it's gonna take 3 hours to download it, and i dont wanna wait for that long xD
Atlantis 317 is The Ark
I can't finish this I an stuck at 99.9 %

Not realy a problem as i viewed it with VLC player, nice episode.

But for some reason it will not finish. I am using Utorrent 1.6.

Thanks for any help.
can someome up;oad s03 e14 as i cant seem to find it
:=) Great work, ripping this episode in 350mb
Season 3, Episode 16: The Ark
Original Air Date: 8 January 2007
The team boards a crippled space station to discover people have been preserved there with the hope to outlive their enemy, the Wraith.
Season 3, Episode 17: Sunday
Original Air Date: 5 January 2007
Season 3, Episode 18: Submersion
Original Air Date: 22 January 2007
Season 3, Episode 19: Vengeance
Original Air Date: 29 January 2007
Season 3, Episode 20: First Strike
Original Air Date: 5 February 2007

I dont know if you guys are just plain stupid or what... But as you see, The Ark should be episode 16. Aswell as episode 17 shall be sunday.

And also, my source:

And when im on this route anyway, well, I would chose before any other movie-fact-site.
No atorn; well maybe yes, some people might be stupid, but others just got confused over episode 14 airing later than expected...

for all your high quality media

check it out
This is 316 The Ark. This was supposed to be the 317 (Sunday)..sigh!!
This is not episode 17 "Sunday" but episode 16 "The Ark"!
They did not release the e14 :S Dunno why actually...
How about actually NAMING AND numbering the episodes while you put them up on piratebay instead of just numbering them. This could protect from confusion.