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2007-10-20 10:26:37 GMT


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Title..........: Stargate Atlantis 
Release Date...: 11-20-2007 
Air Date.......: 11-19-2007 
Source.........: 480i DSR 
Format.........: XViD 


Is it a Fake?
No it's real, already watched it
This one is OK.
But could you people on thepiratebay stop posting stuff in the RAR format please ?
Not only there is no use for it but it prevents downloaders from previewing the videos and not everyone can open rar files (using XViD is fine but RAR is a proprietary format).
Do u even know why we use rar, if u download it from a ftp site and u get a broken pipe, u dont have to download all of it again... if peepz dont know how to open rar files they shouldn't be here either btw...
WARNING! AnKaN2006 there is some thing really strange about you!!! how the hell can you complain that there is somefing wrong whit other seeds AND then a find that you post the exact same RAR files as every body else.... WARNIG FOR THIS FUCK!!
Right, but there is no FTP here, this is bittorrent and it already handle broken chunks.

And, as I said, not being able to open RAR files is not a matter of knowing how to do it.
If you really need an archive then use zip or tar instead of rar but please stop using that crappy format.
Cradle haven't your mom taught you any manors? pff. If u want a straight avi file just download it from the ones who got it, don't whine here if will not do you and good btw. I just wonder why do all real scene releases come in rar... Oh yeah those guys are pros not amatuers...
IMHO some people release stuff rared because they think it will make the dl more reliable but they're wrong.
Pro don't use rar, take a look at aXXo's releases for example.

Don't blame yourself, your post is a real scene release, no doubt but try not to use rar next time.
And thanks for the torrent by the way :)
The aXXo releases aren't even scene releases lol. Scene releases follow certain rules to keep the standard up. aXXo have it own standard to make it easy for noobs to know what to download.

Learn something before you post nooob
First, TV releases aren't even part of the scene, cf
And second, torrent releasers following standards ? Got another joke ?

For releasers reading this, think by yourself instead of doing "like the others". I would suggest documentation about the bittorrent protocol and free software.
vbnull: Why cant you start releasing rip's in the *proper* format instead of bitching about others. If YOU can release all the goodies in YOUR preferred format before anyone else, you would get cred and set the standard. Leechers should be humble enough to shut up.
Hey ! At least I'm taking the time to tell you people how to to things properly !
If releasers don't appreciate it, then it's ok I'll shut up.
But don't complaint if, when the next version of rar shows up, u're the only one able to open your torrent.