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Video > HD - TV shows
1.09 GiB (1174147293 Bytes)
2010-02-03 06:07:08 GMT
TvTeam VIP

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for those dont want to wait and dont want to redownload ep01.

please fix rules to be clear about multiepisode releases!!


Please Seed! This is the only copy out there so far...just let it seed for an hour or so after you are done...I am begging you!!!!!!!

TVTeam is a waste of everyone's time.
TVTeam is indeed a waste of time.
why dont u make it 350 mb rip.. we ppl used to dnld it...
and goshhhhh this ratio sucks...seed it
some please share a smaller file size version!!!
It's so big because its 720p hd.
Why the heck can't anyone upload Ep2 in normal size?? this blows..
Thanks for the 720p version! That's worth seeding a long time.
if anyone wants 350mb regular one here it is...\
Esta perfecto!!!,muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!!
Want some cheese with that whine? 720p 1GB ftw. Why would you want lower quality? Tnx UL
Can't get any sound on this... Trying to play in vlc player. anyone else have the same problem?
Just joining in with the 'this upload fails' trend. Seriously, you suck.
i'm having problems when trying to export the file, is anyone having this problem??
extract,, i´m having problems when trying to extract the file... at 22% it jus stops and says the file is damaged
I had no problem with this file. It downloaded just fine, and I extracted it just fine. Great quality. Thanks.
Stop complaining and seed.
Yea, big file size for those of us that have less than over 9000 MB connection sucks but what the hell, it's free.
Why on earth would you rar files anymore? It's not 1995. Just a hazzle and waste of space.